Monday, May 22, 2006

Pointy hands

Damon insisted that I draw this... he's obviously insane.


damon said...

no im not well maby

ok i am but only a little

when im on my meds

but is it not cute?

REE said...

I'm loving your stuff. i hope you keep updating and bringing the PAIN!!!

Todd Oman said...

Hmmm animals with knives for hands...are you going to pitch this as a show to Disney? Rock on!

Angeewhoa said...

i like cats and i like your work

Annie Fix said...

Your blog is awesome! I totally found it by chance, but I'm darn glad I did!

How have you been? I hope well. I'll keep checking back to see more Hoffer-magic!

Sarah Forrester said...

omg genius!!!!

MutantKitten said...

Yes, Damon.

Thank you Tyree and Angelo :) Oh and Angelo, I hope your cat isn't causing you too much trouble!

Oy, Todd.

Hello Annie! Yikes! I've been found out! ;) I've been good...busy, busy with work, tho. Good to see you here!

Sarah, I have linked you :)

Instantiable said...

Wow. This is too cool. Can I ask you a big favor? May I post it on my blog "None of a Kind?" I like to put up crazy mascots, however I'm not that great of an artist. I would love it if you'd allow me the honor, I would link back here, of course. You can reach me through my profile =)

MutantKitten said...

Hi there :) Sure, feel free to repost. :)