Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I did this logo a for a My Little Pony collectors convention... haha, no, I didn't go ;) ...but I might've if it had been closer to home! hehehe. Her name is 'Tooley Fog', and that swirly thing on her butt is supposed to represent fog. This post does not cater to all the guys that read this blog... sorry! ;) I'll have to draw some Transformers or something to make up for it.


*daisy said...

yay ponies!! super cute! :) the funny thing is, I think I saw this illo a while back, when the actual convention went on (no, I didn't go either, but I had a friend who did! ha ha)

Sarah Forrester said...

I should have gone to that fair!! Dood!

If you do a transformer, it should be a Dactyl. Or a Cassette tape. *nods*

damon said...

looks kinda gay to me

ha ha

no it is cute

but it is a reuse

do something new kid

George kaprielian said...

ya the convention was a let down this year, you didnt miss anything